What can we offer you?

I Am Fashion TV produces promotion videos, company films and commercials for customers and sponsors. All videos will be recorded in the SALTO Film studio in Amsterdam. These videos will be broadcasted on SALTO TV 1 and 2 and visible on the website of I Am Fashion TV, the Facebook page of I Am Fashion TV, the YouTube channel of I Am Fashion TV and the Twitter page of I Am Fashion TV for two months.  If you would like to use more our services for more, than we could adapt our packages specially for you and make a deal with you. The more videos we make for you, the lower the price will be that you have to pay for the videos. 

•Package 1

•Promotion video
•No Script
•One hour
•two hours restricted assemblage
•No music
•Logo introduction is restricted
•No after editing
•Duration of 30 sec
•No review
•Digital delivery 



•Package 2

•Promotion video
•Advertisement and interview or presentation
•Restricted script
•Four hours recording
•Restricted stock music
•Logo introduction
•Restriction in text on image
•Duration of 180 sec
•One review
•Digital delivery



•Package 3

•Bussiness video
•Four hours recording
•One day HD assemblage
•Restriction in logo animiation
• Animated text on image
•Restriction in after editing
•Duration 300 sec
•One review
•Digital delivery



•Package 4

•Bussiness video
•Advertisement and interview or presentation
•Script with optional review
•Two days HD assemblage
•Logo animation
•Animated text on image
•Complete after editing
•Duration 420 sec
•Two or more reviews
•Delivery as desired by customer



We offer four packages, namely package 1, package 2, package 3 and package 4. Package 1 is a simple promotion package that starts with the price of €250,- and contains no script and consist of a simple advertisement including costs for the labour, preparation, voice-over costs, material costs, recording days, assemblage days, costs of music rights and costs for location. According to the need of the customer or sponsor the package could be changed. For example if a customer wants to purpose package 1 but would like to add music to his or her promotion video, then the costs of €250,- will increase a little bit. Therefore the prices described in the packages could range, but the start price of all packages will remain the same. However, for a regular customer who we often produce videos, we will adapt our prices of the packages and make a deal with our customer.

Package 2 starts with the price of €550,- and compared to package 1 it contains additionally an interview or presentation, a script, two more hours to edit, music, text on the image, 60 sec longer recording and a review.

Apart from promotion videos, we also offer business videos. The difference between promotion videos and business videos is that promotion videos is often focussed on one specific product while business promotion focusses on all the products of the company or organisation

Bill boarding

Finally we also offer bill boarding. With bill boarding you place your product or service in the spotlight for your target group.

There are two possibilities

-          A bill board of 5 to 10 sec during the sponsor numeration before and after the programme

-          A cromo of 5 sec during the sponsor numeration after the promo of 20 sec


If you are interested in a billboard, then please let us know which form and for which period we should broadcast it for you. Also, the prices of the packages could be adapted in this case.





 For more information about our services, please contact : Chandni Khemai | Chandni@iamfashiontv.com 

For interest in interviews or/and advertisements, please apply and make an appointment via the contact page


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